"This is a good place to be. It's fun and funny. Other places I feel like people see me as different. I don't feel so much like an oddball here." ~participant

"My wife is in better spirits when I bring her home. I love the activity of framing and selling participants' artwork. I bought six of my wife's paintings and gave them to our kids and friends." ~spouse

"I like my new friendships and sharing ideas. I like sharing my feelings, which is important to me. I like coming in contact with people I may have never met." ~Day Program participant

"The leaders do an excellent job of challenging us and helping us to become more confident. The members of our group are also very helpful and gracious. Thank you." ~participant

"From day one everyone at HOW has been incredibly friendly and supportive of my mother. She loves going to HOW. When she comes home, she tells me how very kind everyone there is to her, and how the environment has such good, positive energy. The program has made a huge difference for the better in the life of my mother—and mine. My heartfelt thanks to each member of the staff at HOW." ~daughter

"I am thrilled with your program and still cannot figure out how your staff can implement so many activities in the limited space. It all works! The staff is truly outstanding, professional and caring. They treat all family members with such kindness." ~ spouse